I UK [ɡest] / US noun [countable]
Word forms "guest":
singular guest plural guests
1) someone who you have invited to your home, for a party or a meal, or to stay the night

tips for getting rid of unwanted guests

We've got guests staying this weekend.

welcome/greet/receive a guest:

The President and his wife were in the hallway, greeting their dinner guests.

2) someone who has been invited to a party, meeting, or other event by the people organizing it

She was eager to mingle with the other party guests.

guest at:

He was a guest at our wedding.

guest of:

They were at the Festival as the guests of a Greek businessman.

invited guests:

The ceremony will take place before 10,000 invited VIP guests.

honoured/distinguished guests:

Welcome, Mr Prime Minister, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

a) someone who you invite to a restaurant, the theatre etc, and whose meal or ticket you pay for

You're here as my guest.

b) someone who you take with you to a club where you are a member

Please would members remember to sign in all guests before using the pool.

3) someone who is paying to stay at a hotel or eat in a restaurant

the arriving/departing guests

There is live music to entertain guests.

hotel guest:

The indoor heated pool is free to hotel guests.

4) someone who appears on a television or radio show that they do not regularly appear on

our panel of celebrity guests

My first guest tonight is famous for both her singing and acting talent.

guest appearance:

The band agreed to make a guest appearance on his show.

II UK [ɡest] / US adjective
1) relating to guests
guest list:

Is she on the guest list for our wedding?

2) provided for guests to use

a set of guest towels

a TV in the guest lounge

3) appearing by invitation to perform at an event

a regular guest conductor with orchestras all over the world

guest star:

The show frequently features well-known guest stars.

guest speaker/lecturer:

Tonight's guest speaker is Peter Bell.

III UK [ɡest] / US verb [intransitive]
Word forms "guest":
present tense I/you/we/they guest he/she/it guests present participle guesting past tense guested past participle guested
a) if a famous person guests on a television or radio show, they appear in it on a particular occasion because they have been invited to
b) if a famous person guests at a sports event or guests for a team, they play at the event or for the team

English dictionary. 2014.

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